Renho and the 'pure blood' mythos

| Sep 17, 2016

Renho and the 'pure blood' mythos


Despite the best efforts of certain individuals on Twitter, lawmaker Renho became the head of the Democratic Party last Thursday. Of course, those loosely linked online individuals that are sometimes referred to as netto uyo (internet right-wingers) don’t really care about the DP, but ...

French justice minister quits over nationality measure

Jan 27, 2016

French justice minister quits over nationality measure

French Justice Minister Christiane Taubira quit Wednesday, apparently in protest at government moves to push through a measure that would strip convicted French-born terrorists of their citizenship if they have a second nationality. Taubira, a popular figure among the governing Socialist Party of President ...

Jul 22, 2015

Japanese forgotten in Philippines ask Abe for nationality

The government was asked Wednesday to grant nationality to Japanese people who lost the legal designation after being left in the Philippines after World War II, as well as to their offspring. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe received the request at a meeting with a ...

May 3, 2011

Mental care for children

Many schools in areas devastated by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami have started the new school year. Some schools, though, have no choice except to begin classes in early May because school buildings were damaged or were being used as temporary shelters for ...