'MH370 wreckage' brings emotional turmoil

Jul 30, 2015

'MH370 wreckage' brings emotional turmoil

Relatives of passengers and crew lost with Malaysia Airlines MH370 spoke of their emotional turmoil and agonizing wait for news Thursday after reports emerged that a piece of the missing jet may have been found. Aviation investigators were heading to the French island of ...

Jul 28, 2015

Najib urges patience on graft probe, warns against discord

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak called for patience on investigations into the state investment company, warning infighting in the ruling party would risk sowing voter discord. The statement came after Deputy Premier Muhyiddin Yassin stepped up his calls for answers over the 1Malaysia Development ...

Jul 5, 2015

Malaysian leader faces risk of criminal charge over funds

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak is facing the risk of a criminal charge over allegations that millions of dollars were funneled from an indebted state fund to his personal bank accounts, the first time the country’s leader has faced criminal allegations. The attorney general ...

Have searchers' sonars missed the wreckage of Flight 370?

| Jul 4, 2015

Have searchers' sonars missed the wreckage of Flight 370?

Amid rising frustrations over the expensive search for the vanished Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, experts are questioning the competence of the company in charge, including whether search crews may have passed over the sunken wreckage without noticing. Such carping in a small, fiercely competitive ...