Jul 29, 2016

Heart hazard for Apollo astronauts: study

NASA’s Apollo astronauts, the only humans to have traveled beyond Earth’s protective magnetosphere, die disproportionately of heart and blood vessel diseases, researchers said Thursday, blaming radiation. This raises health concerns for all humans with dreams of traveling to the moon, Mars or beyond, as ...

May 18, 2016

U.S. study finds 45% of heart attacks are silent type

Almost half of all heart attacks cause no obvious symptoms, yet they can still be life-threatening, according to research on more than 9,000 middle-aged men and women. It’s one of the biggest studies to examine so-called silent heart attacks, and to also explore them ...

New technology puts health care in palm of your hand

Jan 8, 2016

New technology puts health care in palm of your hand

The management of your health care is moving increasingly to the palm of your hand — with new smartphone-enabled technology and wearable sensors that examine, diagnose and even treat many conditions and ailments. The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas saw the debut of ...