JAXA hopes to repeat asteroid success with Hayabusa2

Sep 1, 2014

JAXA hopes to repeat asteroid success with Hayabusa2

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency unveiled the new asteroid explorer Hayabusa2 to the press over the weekend as it looks to outdo the particle-collecting feat achieved by its predecessor in 2010. “I’m grateful because the new asteroid probe is now nearly complete,” professor Hitoshi ...

Jun 23, 2014

Asteroid visited by Hayabusa considered for exploration

Asteroid Itokawa, reached by an unmanned Japanese space probe in 2005, might be listed as one of the candidates for a human exploration project being considered for the mid-2020s, NASA has said. The U.S. space agency said Thursday it is looking at several asteroids ...

Oct 8, 2013

Japanese collector restoring rare WWII plane

Nobuo Harada, a collector of World War II-era Japanese aircraft, is working to rebuild a rare Ki-43 Hayabusa fighter from components recovered overseas in the hope of keeping wartime memories alive. No examples of the Hayabusa (Falcon), flown by the Imperial Japanese Army, can ...