Mar 17, 2014

City preserves 500 Asian films

Closely tied to the Asian continent due its location, the southwestern city of Fukuoka has collected films made by Asian directors over the past 20 years and now boasts some 500 titles. The municipal government, which has organized numerous events like the annual Focus ...

Nov 11, 2013

China detains pair over 2002 murder of Oita couple

Chinese police have detained two former Chinese students in Japan for allegedly killing the chairman of a construction company and his wife in Oita Prefecture Japan in 2002, a Japanese investigative source said Sunday. As there is no criminal extradition treaty between the two ...

Nov 8, 2013

Fukuoka issues warning on high PM2.5 levels

by Eric Johnston

High levels of PM2.5 particulate matter were recorded Friday in parts of western Japan, prompting the city of Fukuoka to issue a warning amid growing concern that the pollution crisis in China will keep affecting Japan. In Osaka Prefecture, PM2.5 levels of 35 micrograms ...

Pre-dawn blaze guts hospital for aged in Fukuoka, kills 10

Oct 11, 2013

Pre-dawn blaze guts hospital for aged in Fukuoka, kills 10

A pre-dawn blaze ripped through an orthopedic hospital Friday in the city of Fukuoka, claiming 10 lives and leaving eight others injured, four of whom are reportedly in critical condition. The Fukuoka Prefectural Police said the fire at Abe Seikeigeka (Orthopedics) hospital killed three ...

Aug 31, 2013

State-run Chinese news agency plans new bureau in Japan

China’s state-run Xinhua News Agency plans to establish a bureau in Fukuoka as soon as this year, its president said. Li Congjun revealed the plan Friday in a meeting with a visiting delegation of news representatives from Kyushu and Okinawa headed by Takao Kawasaki, ...

Group warns horseshoe crabs at risk

Jul 18, 2013

Group warns horseshoe crabs at risk

The head of a citizen-based conservation group has warned that horseshoe crabs on the Tsuyazaki tideland in Fukuoka Prefecture are declining sharply. Marine life expert Mari Shuno spends every summer on the tideland in the city of Fukutsu researching the animals under the harsh ...

Jul 9, 2013

Film blasts export of atomic plant

A documentary film criticizing Japan’s export of a nuclear power plant to Vietnam that has impacted a small village will be screened this weekend at the Fukuoka Asian Film Festival. For the 2012 film “Shinobiyoru Genpatsu” (“Encroaching Nuclear Power Plant”), the documentary writer Shinsuke ...

Firefly enclosure livens up Hakata Station rooftop

Jun 7, 2013

Firefly enclosure livens up Hakata Station rooftop

People in the bustling town of Hakata, Fukuoka Prefecture, won’t have to go out into the countryside to see fireflies this season — plenty of the lightning bugs will be buzzing around on the rooftop of JR Hakata Station until June 14. Planning for ...

Association formed to pitch 'Lolita fashion' to the world

May 31, 2013

Association formed to pitch 'Lolita fashion' to the world

Aiming to spread Japan’s “Lolita fashion” to the world, the Omula Fashion Design College in the city of Fukuoka has established the Japan Lolita Association. The aim is to stimulate interest in the famous fashion subculture through various events, including tea parties. About 30 ...