Officials faulted in death of Ghanaian

Mar 19, 2014

Officials faulted in death of Ghanaian

by Tomohiro Osaki

In a landmark verdict, the Tokyo District Court on Wednesday ruled that immigration officials were responsible for the death of a Ghanaian man they were forcibly deporting in 2010. Finding that the officials “illegally” used excessive force to subdue Abubakar Awudu Suraj aboard a ...

Nissan-only N.Y. taxi fleet plan struck down

Oct 9, 2013

Nissan-only N.Y. taxi fleet plan struck down

New York’s plan for a new fleet of cabs from Nissan Motor Co. has been blocked by a judge who ruled that the city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission overstepped its authority by requiring medallion owners to buy a specific vehicle. Nissan won a contract ...

Aug 7, 2013

Hasan admits to massacre at Fort Hood

Sitting in a wheelchair, his voice soft but unwavering, U.S. Army psychiatrist Nidal Malik Hasan took responsibility Tuesday for the 2009 mass shooting at Fort Hood. “Fellow members, good morning,” Hasan began at the opening of his court-martial at the army post in central ...

Jul 3, 2013

Witness tells of Philippine massacre burial

A backhoe driver has described in chilling detail how he used the excavator to bury the 58 victims of the Philippines’ worst political massacre, according to a video aired Tuesday. The man said he dug a hole near where the victims were shot by ...