Jury selection to start in Colorado cinema massacre trial

Jan 21, 2015

Jury selection to start in Colorado cinema massacre trial

The first of some 9,000 potential jurors will report to court in Colorado on Tuesday as selection begins for the trial of James Holmes, the former neuroscience graduate student who killed 12 people in July 2012 at a midnight screening of a Batman movie. ...

Jul 4, 2014

Colorado eatery waitresses strap loaded pistols to hips

A western Colorado restaurant doesn’t just allow its customers to openly carry guns. Its waitresses carry loaded weapons right on their hips. Colorado is not among those states where openly carrying guns anywhere in public is legal but at Shooters Grill in the river ...

Cannabis: the healing of the nation

Apr 19, 2014

Cannabis: the healing of the nation

by Jon Mitchell

Every summer in Hokkaido and northern Honshu, platoons of police and public servants scour the countryside for cannabis. For a nation well-known for its strict drug laws, the plants are remarkably easy to find. In an average year, patrols discover between 1 million and ...

Jan 10, 2013

Colorado suspect 'set booby traps'

Relatives wept in court Tuesday as frantic 911 calls were played from a U.S. theater shooting that killed 12 people last year, as prosecutors closed their case for the alleged gunman to face trial. The court heard how suspected killer James Holmes purchased 6,000 ...