Aug 7, 2014

Study ties new gene to major breast cancer risk

It’s long been known that faulty BRCA genes greatly raise the risk for breast cancer. Now scientists say a more recently identified, less common gene can do the same. Mutations in the gene can make breast cancer up to nine times more likely to ...

Double mastectomy 'often misused'

May 31, 2014

Double mastectomy 'often misused'


Women diagnosed with cancer in one breast often face a difficult decision of whether to surgically remove both, and a recent study found double mastectomies may be performed too often. The surgery does not increase survival in most women, and is typically recommended for ...

Jul 5, 2013

Team finds gene to halt breast cancer spread

A joint team comprising researchers from Osaka University and the University of Toronto has discovered a gene that can suppress the spread of breast cancer. The discovery, published in Wednesday’s edition of the U.S. science journal PLOS One, could lead to the development of ...