Apr 27, 2015

Israel to airlift 25 babies born to surrogates out of Nepal

Israel said Sunday it plans to airlift 25 infants from quake-hit Nepal born to surrogate mothers, along with their Israeli parents, most of them homosexual couples. Officials said Israel was sending a military delegation to offer aid and help repatriate its citizens from Nepal ...

Thai surrogates, Japanese dad try to reclaim babies

Jan 15, 2015

Thai surrogates, Japanese dad try to reclaim babies

Six Thai surrogate mothers of babies fathered by a Japanese man have filed lawsuits against him and Thailand’s Social Development and Human Security Ministry to reclaim their children, officials disclosed on Wednesday. Vichian Chawalit, permanent secretary of the ministry, said the women are seeking ...

Jan 7, 2015

Cricket found in package of baby food in Tochigi

A woman in Tochigi prefecture found a cricket in packaged meat and potatoes for babies last month, Asahi Group Holdings, which owns baby food giant Wakodo, admitted on Wednesday. The woman purchased the product, which was packaged in a retort-pouch style, in a drug ...

Jan 1, 2015

Number of newborn babies in Japan fell to record low in 2014

Japan’s population likely dropped further in 2014, with the estimated number of newborn babies in the country falling to 1,001,000, down about 29,000 from the previous year, according to health ministry estimates released on Wednesday. The estimated number of people who died in 2014 ...

Martial arts tricks ease pain for new moms

Aug 28, 2014

Martial arts tricks ease pain for new moms


Wrist tendinitis and back pain are among the physical ailments that often affect new mothers, usually from the lifting and carrying required in caring for babies. To provide relief, a physical therapist in Japan has drawn up a parenting regimen that combines techniques from ...

Aug 26, 2014

Teen arrested for killing roommate's baby in Tokyo

An 18-year-old girl has been arrested for allegedly murdering the 3-month-old daughter of a woman she lived with in Tokyo, police said Tuesday. The girl, from the city of Nagano, is suspected of strangling the baby on Nov. 1 at their apartment in Shibuya ...