| Mar 31, 2015

Obituary: Jane D. Rees

Longtime columnist for The Japan Times and other publications Jane Rees passed away on March 12 at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. She was 95. Rees was hospitalized after she fell at her home and suffered a serious head injury. She succumbed ...

Norman Bridwell, Clifford creator, dead at 86

| Dec 17, 2014

Norman Bridwell, Clifford creator, dead at 86

Norman Bridwell, a soft-spoken illustrator whose impromptu story about a girl and her puppy marked the unlikely birth of the supersized franchise Clifford the Big Red Dog, has died at 86. Bridwell, who lived for decades in a house with a bright red door ...

| Nov 27, 2000

Ex-Foreign Minister Zentaro Kosaka dies

Zentaro Kosaka, a conservative politician who worked for normalization of diplomatic relations with China and promoted rapprochement with the Soviet Union during the Cold War era, died of renal failure at his home in Tokyo’s Ota Ward on Sunday afternoon, his family said. He ...