Kinki University to study ‘full farming’ of Southeast Asian eels with Malaysian school


Kinki University said Monday it has launched a farming technology research facility in Malaysia with Universiti Malaysia Sabah to explore growing eels in Southeast Asia from eggs to maturity.

In addition to eels, the two universities will also study “full farming” of serranidae and catfish, which are in strong demand in Southeast Asia. In full farming, eels are raised from eggs to adult fish until they lay eggs.

The universities hope to use the results of their research at the UMS Kindai Aquaculture Development Center for resource conservation of Southeast Asian eels, including the giant mottled eel and bicolor, and also for the development of full farming technology for Japanese eels living in rivers.

They will also study full farming technology for Napoleon fish, which is popular in China and Southeast Asian countries as a luxury food item. Under its budget, the Malaysian government has set aside some ¥135 million for the facility.