Iran navy test-fired rockets near carrier USS Truman, other ships; act called ‘highly provocative’


The Iranian navy last week test-fired several rockets near three Western warships, including the aircraft carrier USS Harry S Truman, a U.S. military official said Tuesday.

Though the rockets were not fired toward any ship, their proximity to the warships — and several commercial vessels — sparked concern.

“We look at this firing so close to the ships as highly provocative,” said the military official, who was not immediately authorized to be named.

The official confirmed details of an NBC News report that said one rocket came within about 1,500 yards (meters) of the USS Truman as it transited the Strait of Hormuz.

A French frigate and the destroyer USS Bulkeley were also in the area.

The incident took place on Saturday, shortly after the Iranian navy had announced via radio it was about to conduct a live-fire exercise and warned ships to steer clear.

The official said the unguided rockets were fired from an Iranian navy “fast inshore attack craft” that was in Omani waters.

The Western vessels did not need to take evasive action, the official said.

  • Iran Fail

    It is apparent that the Iranians are beginning to test the limits to see what they can get away with. Look at what’s happened since the deal was passed: Convicted WashPo reporter Jason Rezaian, launched a new ballistic missile violating UN Security Council resolutions, launched a new offensive in Syria with 1,500 troops and support from Russia, sent secret arms shipments to Houthis rebels in Yemen, the list goes on and on. And we actually think we can trust Iran to fulfill its end of the bargain? We’re just going to keep covering for them politically so we can walk around saying we brought “peace in our time” while the Middle East flames up again.