Chinese naval eavesdropping ship spotted near Senkakus


The Defense Ministry said Thursday that a Chinese navy ship sailed near the Japanese-controlled Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea.

The Dongdiao-class intelligence-gathering ship did not enter Japanese territorial waters around the islets, but repeatedly sailed from east to west and vice versa near Japan’s contiguous zone outside the territorial waters, according to the ministry.

A Chinese ship had never shown such abnormal movements before, it said. The Self-Defense Forces are carefully monitoring the situation, ministry officials said.

The Japanese government has informed the Chinese side through diplomatic channels that Tokyo is watching the incident with close attention.

According to the ministry, a Maritime Self-Defense Force P-3C patrol aircraft spotted the Chinese navy ship traveling west outside the contiguous zone south of the Senkaku Islands around 5 p.m. Wednesday (8 a.m. GMT).

Toward 7 p.m. Thursday, the Dongdiao-class ship repeatedly sailed from west to east and from east to west.

Some officials in the ministry believe the Chinese ship was trying to intercept communications. The islets are claimed by China, which calls them Diaoyu.

  • Tony

    China is challenging US power. China has always made very clear their priorities, which have not changed for decades, reuniting Taiwan with China, regaining from Japan the Senkaku islands and re-establishing sovereignty of the South China Sea; to this can be added the more general objective, which encompasses all three of these, of achieving hegemony in Asia. China will, as all nations do that have a sense of purpose, gather together the means of achieving these goals; if needs be in the face of U.S. opposition. There is no mystery in any of this. The eviction of Vietnam and the Philippines from the South China Sea islands and Japan from the Senkaku islands will be an unremarkable event historically when it occurs. The U.S. annexation of Hawaii, or the colony of Guam are vestiges of America’s rise to power. The world needs to understand that like the Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish and British before them the Americans will leave and China will once again reign supreme in Asia, a region which increasingly dominates the world economically and demographically. By 2030 China will account for 34% of world GDP, the U.S. 16%. As history resplendently reminds us these events are not about the law, or right or wrong, they are about the geopolitics of power. As Alderic Au so aptly puts it in “The Aztlan Protocol”; “we are witnessing a glacial geopolitical shift in global power which at some point will release its accumulated seismic energy in a violent reordering of the international hierarchy.”

    The eventual removal of the United States beyond the second island chain is China’s strategic objective. At some point in the next twenty years we may expect a ‘doctrine’ and it will not be Monroe’s.

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