Rail extension proposed to boost Haneda airport accessibility


The transport ministry is considering building a rail line to connect two stations owned by different private railways to improve accessibility to Tokyo’s Haneda airport before the 2020 Olympics.

In response, Ota Ward, where the envisaged line would be built, has proposed extending Tokyu Corp.’s Tamagawa Line from its Kamata Station, to Keikyu Kamata Station on the Airport Line of Keikyu Corp.

The Tokyu and Keikyu lines adopt different track gauges, so joining rails used at the two stations, located some 800 meters apart, would be difficult. As a result, the ward also suggested building passenger transfer platforms beneath the stations.

The ward had previously planned to connect the stations by extending the Airport Line and building platforms only under Tokyu’s Kamata Station. But it has revised the plan because Tokyu is more enthusiastic about creating the link, which may be called Kama-Kama Line, officials said.

The Tokyu Tamagawa Line’s extension would make it easier to go to the airport from Shibuya and Ikebukuro stations, because they are covered by Tokyu’s rail network, including a partner subway, the officials noted.