Japanese wines may get boost in LDP plan


The ruling Liberal Democratic Party is looking at establishing legislation designed to boost the international competitiveness of Japanese wine.

Under the proposed legislation, the government would issue certificates of origin for wine and guarantee product quality if wine made from domestically grown grapes meets certain criteria.

LDP lawmakers hope to submit the bill to the Diet early next year, sources said.

Currently, Japan has no law dedicated to certifying the place of origin and quality of wine, which some critics say is responsible for the lack of brand competitiveness for home-produced wines.

European Union members, many of which are wine producers, have in place legislation that certifies the place of origin. France, for example, protects brands such as Bordeaux and Burgundy.

In July last year, the National Tax Agency designated “Yamanashi” as a geographical indication for wine brands that meet strict criteria. But wine designation criteria under the related law are still unclear and there has been no other designation.

A law was enacted in June to protect regional brands of agricultural, forestry and fishery products as well as other food items. However, alcoholic beverages are not covered by the law.

The LDP believes new legislation to certify the place of origin for wine and its quality will help bolster the export competitiveness of Japanese wine, the sources said.

The party is discussing a system under which local industry representatives draw up certification criteria and the national government screens applications based on the standards, according to the sources.

  • Demosthenes

    Japanese wine? Oooh, I can hardly wait. I hope they taste great as their One Cup Ozeki sakes -you know, the ones where they are raw spirits with sake flavoring added afterwards. Great. No, seriously, who needs quality, especially in something like wine? I bet those Chinese investors are feeling foolish for investing all that money in those passé Bordeaux brands now the LDP has this plan…. LMAO…

  • R0ninX3ph

    I highly doubt that the reason that Japanese wine isn’t highly sought after around the world has anything to do with the fact that the Japanese government doesn’t have a system to verify the origin….. If Japanese macro-brewed beer is anything to go by, absolute strictness in “how it must be made” leads to everything tasting the same and quite terrible.