McDonald’s Japan lowering price of regular hamburger to ¥100


McDonald’s Co. (Japan) said Wednesday it will lower the price of its regular hamburger to ¥100 from ¥120 including tax, bucking the trend of price increases in the restaurant industry.

Starting April 1, when the consumption tax will be raised to 8 percent from 5 percent, McDonald’s will also trim its cheeseburger price to ¥133 from ¥150.

McDonald’s Japan will maintain the price of a small coffee, hot apple pie and four other products currently sold at ¥100.

For other products, the fast-food chain will raise prices to reflect the impact of the tax increase. It will indicate tax-inclusive prices on the menu.

The handful of restaurant operators planning price cuts includes Zensho Holdings Co., which will lower the price of its regular-size “gyudon” beef-on-rice bowl at its Sukiya chain by ¥10, cutting the charge to ¥270, including tax.

  • happyjapan

    Good to see Abenomics is working and raising the standard of living for everyone! Wait a minute…

  • Mike Wyckoff

    This move by McDonalds is a perfect example of REAL capitalist market movement. Slow demand means prices CAN’T move up despite upward pressure in the form of a tax increase. Slack job by all those finance ministry bureaucrats for not recognizing the fact that you can’t wish inflation into reality.