Abe administration mulls more transparency in meetings attended by Cabinet ministers


The Abe administration is considering creating minutes of meetings attended by Cabinet ministers including sessions of the National Security Council, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said.

Coupled with the administration’s plans to start keeping records of Cabinet meetings beginning April 1, the step is aimed at highlighting its policy of strengthening disclosure of information to the public.

At a news conference, however, Suga said Tuesday not all content of Cabinet meetings will be disclosed.

Information that would pose problems to government operations will not be disclosed as stipulated by the information disclosure law, he said.

Minutes will be created based on memos by a deputy chief Cabinet secretary, the director general of the Cabinet Legislation Bureau and others, he explained, suggesting that minutes are expected to be summaries of those meetings.

The administration is considering posting such minutes on the website of the prime minister and his Cabinet, he said.

Suga made the remarks after Natsuo Yamaguchi, head of New Komeito, earlier in the day praised the plans to create Cabinet meeting minutes and called on the administration to disclose minutes of not only Cabinet meetings but also other important meetings, including those of the NSC.