Smartphones comprise over 55% of youths’ mobiles


The rate of smartphone users among students who own mobile phones stood at 56.8 percent in late 2013, up 20.8 percentage points from a year earlier, the Cabinet Office said.

The rates stood at 82.8 percent for high school students, up 26.9 points; 47.4 percent for junior high students, up 22.1 percent; and 13.6 percent for elementary school children, up 6.0 points.

The Cabinet Office got the figures from a survey of 3,000 students ages 10 to 17 and their parents conducted in November. Valid responses were received from 60.6 percent of the students and 66.4 percent of the parents.

Reflecting the rapid spread of smartphones, students said they spend a daily average of 107.4 minutes online, up from 97.1 minutes in the previous survey in November 2012.

The percentage of students who spend more than two hours online rose 4.7 points to 39.8 percent.

Meanwhile, 55.2 percent of the parents said that functions to block harmful websites were installed on their children’s devices. The rate was down 8.3 points, falling for the first time since the survey began in 2009.

The utilization rate for filtering functions stood at 62.2 percent among elementary school students, down 14.3 points, 61.1 percent among junior high students, down 7.8 points, and 49.3 percent among high school students, down 5.1 points.