Search stepped up for tycoon’s body


French police used two sonar units late Sunday to scan a riverbed in southwest France for the bodies of a Chinese tycoon and a French winemaker missing after their helicopter crashed.

Efforts to find the remains of Lam Kok, a 46-year-old Chinese tea-and-property magnate, his interpreter and financial adviser, Peng Wang, and James Gregoire, a French entrepreneur and the pilot of the helicopter, have been ongoing since Friday, when the aircraft crashed into the Dordogne River.

The crash occurred while they were on a celebratory aerial tour of a chateau estate that the Chinese businessman had just bought from Gregoire.

Police early Saturday located the mangled wreckage of the four-seater helicopter in the river and recovered the body of Lam Kok’s 12-year-old son, Shun Yu Kok. The bodies of the three other occupants were believed to have been washed away by strong currents.