Tepco says 22 used fuel assemblies moved from reactor No. 4 pool


Tokyo Electric Power Co. has succeeded in moving another 22 fuel assemblies from the storage pool for the No. 4 reactor to another cooling pool in a more stable building 100 meters away at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant, the utility said.

The operation to move the spent fuel assemblies was completed Saturday, according to Tepco officials. The work, which started at 1 p.m., took about four hours and was accomplished without incident, they said.

The transportation cask holding the 22 assemblies was transported on a trailer to the new building Friday afternoon.

It’s the first time since the March 2011 catastrophe that spent fuel assemblies have been removed from the No. 4 reactor pool.

In the first step, 22 unused fuel assemblies were transferred Nov. 22.

Before the work started Nov. 18, there were a total of 1,533 fuel assemblies in the No. 4 pool.

  • Adrian Edioma Migraso

    heroes doing the job! hope for success! :D