Aussie warship sex abuse alleged


The Royal Australian Navy was Friday investigating allegations of “inappropriate behavior” reportedly related to initiations in which sailors were sexually assaulted with pens, bananas and bottles.

The navy did not confirm the nature of the investigation, but said it concerned the ANZAC-class Frigate HMAS Ballarat, which is currently deployed on border protection operations.

The allegations, the latest in a line of sex scandals to hit Australia’s defense force, were reported to the navy Monday by a sailor and carried up the chain of command for further inquiry.

A female former sailor has told Channel 10 that crew had long been worried about hazing rituals in which a gang would assault young male colleagues using pens, pencils and water bottles, typically on their birthdays. “People were set upon by other members, stripped off and had things essentially put in their bums,” said the woman, known only as “Bridget.”