IAEA members give grief over leaks


Japan is coming under fire from other members of the International Atomic Energy Agency for its slow response to the radioactive water leaks at the stricken Fukushima No. 1 nuclear complex.

At a briefing Tuesday about the leaks on the fringes of an ongoing IAEA general meeting, Japanese representatives explained the steps being taken to deal with tainted water and the progress they were making with decontamination at the plant after the three core meltdowns.

The problem of the radioactive water “did not emerge this summer,” a Slovenian representative said, “it was there from the beginning.”

The Slovenian representative asked why Japan has been dragging its feet for two years and stressed that Tokyo should have sought out a solution that would spare the environment right from the beginning of the crisis in spring 2011.

On Monday, state minister for science and technology Ichita Yamamoto said in a speech at the meeting that Japan will strengthen the way it distributes “correct information” to the international community.

In connection with this, one IAEA member pointed out Tuesday a time when Japan disclosed a certain incident at the plant, two days after the news had already spread on Twitter and other sites.