Respect key to Korean ties: experts


Japan and South Korea should respect each other’s positions to prevent the 50th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations in 2015 from being marred by tensions over history, experts from the two countries said Saturday.

History issues are likely to negatively affect private-sector exchanges and economic relations, the experts said in a joint statement issued by the chairmen to sum up three days of private-sector dialogue that ended the same day in Seoul.

The statement called on the Japanese and South Korean governments to return to the spirit of a future-oriented partnership and underscored the need to pave the way for a summit between the leaders of the two countries.

Masao Okonogi, head of the Japanese delegation and research professor at Kyushu University, told reporters that many participants at the forum shared the recognition that the Japan-South Korean relationship has entered a critical phase.

The atmosphere of the latest forum was gloomy because an exit from the current stalemate has not been found, he added.

The Japan-South Korea forum has been held every year since 1993 with support from the governments of the two countries. Politicians, business leaders, academics and journalists take part in the event.

  • Yes respect is necessary in Asian relationship and it’s not Korean side ruining it but our side.
    Who let a racist group demonstrating alone was a Japanese politician, who dared say Sakugokujin, or insult former victimized women as well, and some people dare keep supporting those awful politicians, we’re all responsible.
    I still want Korean people to talk to me, and know me even just a bit.

    • Guest

      As a Korean, I adore the Japanese culture, I have Japanese friends, and I am even learning the Japanese language. But, I cannot deny the horrible things that Japan has done to my country in the past, and I just don’t understand why Japanese right-wing politicians and groups still deny the history of what they have done, but most of my Japanese friends tell me that right-wing groups in Japan are often looked down upon.
      I also think South Korea should also do better to improve its relations with Japan by trying to become a bit more forgivable.

      I really hope there will be a time where two countries can understand how friendship matters the most.

      • Thank you for responding me, maybe it could be doubled with my reply since prior one is missing now.
        Appreciate your commending Japanese culture, and learning our language as well, though I’m still not capable to do it in Hanguel because earning English skill is much hard for me and occupying, some of my friends is actually learning Hanguel.
        As for long term resident Korean people, they’re all decent members of our community, really patient, no complaint, working hard, sincere, honest, brave, helping each other, loving Japan, and loving their ancestors’ homeland.
        Even our society has been always treating them so cold.
        They shouldn’t deserve current racist activities whatsoever, do deserve to get a best treatment.
        I’m relieved to hear your Japanese friends seem to give you correct informations, “looked down upon” is really correct, the friends are very reliable, pointing its core fact.
        Friendship matters the most as you say, Asian friendship especially requires respect, but only we Japanese seem to be forgotten it at all, really deplorable.