Royal baby is a ‘nipper’ who could ‘transform’ monarchy


You don’t need a horoscope to predict a life of palaces and privilege for Britain’s royal baby — but astrologers say the future king will be a sensitive Cancerian who could help “transform” the royal family.

The child follows both his father, Prince William, and his late grandmother, Diana, Princess of Wales, by being born under the sign of the crab.

William’s wife, Catherine, gave birth to the baby in London at 4:24 p.m. Monday. Had the as-yet-unnamed prince of Cambridge arrived just 34 minutes later, he would have been a Leo with a quite different astrological character.

As a Cancerian born under a full moon, the child is expected to have an unusually strong relationship with his parents and grandfather, Prince Charles, as well as sharing character traits with Diana.

Penny Thornton was Diana’s astrologer for six years in the 1980s and has also met Prince William and studied his chart. “Kate is a Capricorn and William a Cancerian, so straight off the bat you can see what a close bond these three will have,” Thornton said. “Diana’s imprint is also strong with the baby’s ascendant-descendant axis picking up her Venus. I would also suggest that Charles will be a huge mentor for his grandson.”

Baby Wales was born under a rare planetary configuration known as a “Kite,” she added, suggesting he has a special talent and “powerful destiny.”

There are few more potent fates than being king, the job the baby will take on after Charles and William, and Thornton said that the child could have a “transformational quality” as head of state.

Other famous Cancerians include former South African President Nelson Mandela and, less auspiciously, Britain’s King Edward VIII, whose abdication in 1936 to marry a U.S. divorcee prompted a royal crisis.