Crowd-funded console selling fast


The crowd-funded Ouya video game console hit the market on Tuesday and sold out quickly at online retailer Amazon as well as on the website of major U.S. chain store Target.

“Unreal,” Ouya said in a message fired off on Twitter. “Ouya has officially sold out on @amazon U.S. and U.K.”

While the consoles powered by Google’s Android software remained available at the Ouya website and elsewhere for $99, prices for consoles were already being bid up in auctions online at eBay. Retailers selling the device include Best Buy and GameStop, Ouya said.

Eagerly anticipated Ouya consoles are out to shake up a video game market dominated by Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. The Android-powered devices plug into televisions and were launched with more than 150 games that provide some degree of free play.