Spanish city to name plaza after Joe Strummer


The Spanish city of Granada plans to name a square after the late British punk star Joe Strummer, who sang of the town in the classic Clash song “Spanish Bombs,” an official said Wednesday.

The driving rock anthem on the band’s 1979 “London Calling” album recalls the Spanish Civil War and Granada’s favorite son, the poet Federico Garcia Lorca, executed there by nationalist soldiers in 1936.

A city commission for civic honors has accepted a petition — backed by the local newspaper Ideal and thousands of fans on Facebook — to honor Strummer for his ties to the city. It has identified a small square to bear his name a few hundred meters from Alhambra, the city’s Islamic-era landmark.

Strummer lived in southern Spain in the 1980s and produced records for local bands there, Ideal said. “Good old Joe traveled to Granada seduced by stories of the Civil War, the killing of Lorca and the image of Granada,” it wrote Wednesday. “He worked, lived and drank in the capital of the Alhambra.”