Okinawa police find letter addressed to parcel bomb victim, quiz male acquaintance


Police investigating an apparent parcel bomb blast Monday at a house in Urasoe, Okinawa, have found a letter addressed to one of the three wounded family members and are questioning a man linked to the victim, it was learned Tuesday.

The box-shaped object in a paper bag exploded in the house and wounded the 56-year-old head of the family, his son, 31, and his daughter, 27. The bag contained a letter addressed to the daughter, police sources said.

When the father was leaving home for work Monday morning, he found the bag beside his daughter’s minivehicle. The bag exploded immediately after he placed it in her room.

Because the daughter had told police she was in trouble and sought advice, Okinawa police are questioning a male acquaintance of hers in his 20s, the sources said.

According to the Urasoe police, the explosion appears to have caused holes in the house’s ceiling and walls. The blast left a 20 by 40 cm hole in the floor.

Metal pieces were discovered during an on-site investigation Monday, and the police believe the explosive had great lethal capability.

There apparently was no paper in the garage Sunday evening when the car was parked there.

The daughter suffered facial and neck burns. The police hope she will be able to help in their investigation when she recovers.