Post office reopens in historic Tokyo building


The Tokyo Central Post Office resumed operations Tuesday in the high rise rebuilt from its former historical building in the Marunouchi district.

The post office located on the first floor of the 38-story JP Tower was open for the first time in four years at the site across the street from JR Tokyo Station.

Part of the historical structure, which was completed in 1931, is preserved in the JP Tower. The new building also houses the main office of Japan Post Bank Co.

At a ceremony to mark the reopening, Japan Post Network President Akira Nagatomi said he is “confident that customers find it more convenient to visit the new post office connected to Tokyo Station.”

Japan Post Bank Chairman Shigeo Kawa said the company hopes to improve services by listening to the views of many customers.

Then communications minister Kunio Hatoyama requested in February 2009 that plans to rebuild the former Tokyo Central Post Office building be reviewed from the standpoint of preserving cultural properties.