Bird-flu steps complete: Shimane

MATSUE, Shimane Pref. (Kyodo) The Shimane Prefectural Government announced Sunday that it has taken all preventive measures against bird flu since a local poultry farm was found infected last week.

All 21,500 chickens at the farm in Yasugi have been killed and incinerated, and all precautionary steps — including the disinfection of the farm and its vicinity — have been carried out, the prefectural government said.

Although no new cases of avian flu have been reported, surveillance will be maintained within a 10-km radius of the infected farm, Shimane officials said.

Shimane Gov. Zembee Mizoguchi said Sunday at a meeting of the local task force that he will try to compensate the poultry farm and neighboring farms for losses caused by the measures.

On Nov. 29, five chickens found dead at the farm tested positive for bird flu in preliminary tests. The virus was then identified as the often deadly H5N1 strain.