Jan 30, 2015

Bombardier accused of corruption in S. Korea: report

South Korean prosecutors are accusing Canadian aerospace giant Bombardier of making gifts to local officials in the East Asian country as it pursued a metro contract, Radio-Canada public television reported Thursday. The corruption allegations stem from gifts and free trips to Canada offered to ...

Jan 28, 2015

Blizzard hits Boston and New England, spares New York

A powerful blizzard struck Boston and surrounding New England on Tuesday, leaving 4.5 million people grappling with as much as 3 feet (1 meter) of snow and coastal flooding but sparing New York City residents, who had braced for a significant blast. Snow was ...

Blizzard barrels into Boston but brunt bypasses Big Apple

Jan 28, 2015

Blizzard barrels into Boston but brunt bypasses Big Apple

A howling blizzard heaped snow on Boston but farther south it mostly spared New York City, which slowly blinked back to life Tuesday, canceling its travel ban and restarting its subway trains amid better-than-expected weather conditions. Total accumulation was expected to reach or exceed ...

New York, Northeast brace for massive blizzard

Jan 26, 2015

New York, Northeast brace for massive blizzard

A storm could bring blizzard conditions to New York and large parts of the U.S. Northeast while dropping more than 1 foot (30 cm) of snow across New Jersey and Long Island and as much as 2 feet through eastern New England, including Boston, ...

Jan 22, 2015

Two sunken 1800s canal boats found in Lake Ontario

The wrecks of two 19th-century canal boats have been found on the bottom of Lake Ontario, an unusual discovery because such vessels typically weren’t used on open water, a team of New York shipwreck hunters said Wednesday. The three-member team from the Rochester area ...

21 confirmed dead after Chinese tugboat sinks on trial voyage

Jan 17, 2015

21 confirmed dead after Chinese tugboat sinks on trial voyage

Twenty-one people have been confirmed dead after a tugboat sank on a trial voyage on the Yangtze, China’s longest river, state media reported Saturday. The vessel was raised Saturday, 40 hours after it sank while undergoing testing with 25 people, including eight foreigners, aboard ...

Jan 15, 2015

London black cabs get break over rivals on bus lanes

London’s iconic black cabs, under pressure from the taxi app Uber and other upstarts, got some good news Wednesday: They won’t have to share their right to drive in the capital’s bus lanes with rivals. The city’s expensive black cabs benefit from a rule ...

Jan 10, 2015

Russia bans transgender drivers

New Russian road safety regulations bar transsexuals, transvestites and others with sexual “disorders” from driving, ostensibly for medical reasons. The new regulations have been criticized by rights activists, who see them as unconstitutional and likely to exacerbate an already hostile climate for the lesbian, ...