Sea Shepherd intercepts whaling fleet before Southern Ocean hunt


Antiwhaling activist group Sea Shepherd said Wednesday it had intercepted the Japanese fleet in its annual Southern Ocean hunt “before a single harpoon has been fired.”

Sea Shepherd claims to have saved the lives of 4,000 whales over the past eight whaling seasons with ever-greater campaigns of harassment against the Japanese harpoon fleet.

The militant environmentalist group said the Brigitte Bardot, a former ocean racer, had intercepted the harpoon ship Yushin Maru No. 3 in the Southern Ocean at a relatively northern latitude.

“Given that the large concentrations of whales are found further south, closer to the Antarctic continent where there are high concentrations of krill, this would indicate that they have not yet begun whaling,” said Brigitte Bardot skipper Jean Yves Terlain.

Former Australian politician Bob Brown, who assumed leadership of the antiwhaling campaign from fugitive Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson due to legal issues earlier this month, said it was welcome news.

“It is likely that we have intercepted these whale poachers before a single harpoon has been fired,” said Brown.

Interpol issued a Red Notice on Watson after he skipped bail last July in Germany, where he was arrested on Costa Rican charges relating to a high-seas confrontation over shark-finning in 2002.

He is on board Sea Shepherd’s main ship, the Steve Irwin, but has stepped down as skipper.

  • richardgordon

    Whaling has greatly diminished my respect for Japan. Stop or be stopped.

    • Edohiguma

      Be stopped by who? Terrorists? You? Hilarious. Sure, start attacking whaling ships with weapons. Start a war over a couple of animals. Very smart.

      A war you’d lose.

      AWP, nothing else. Arrogant White People.

  • Damian

    Japan…..stay out of Australia’s waters……why don’t you fish in your own waters? Australians have no respect for your government’s arrogant position

    • Edohiguma

      I doubt they’re in Aussie waters. Well, maybe Australia considers all the waters down under as theirs?