DSK-inspired film debuts at Cannes


Abel Ferrara’s highly-anticipated movie inspired by the sordid sex scandal that brought down former International Monetary Fund Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn got its world premiere Saturday in Cannes.

Far from being shown in one of the plush theaters in the festival hall, “Welcome to New York,” starring Gerard Depardieu as a man with striking similarities to “DSK,” whose alleged 2011 sexual assault on a New York hotel maid shook the world, was screened in a small local cinema.

The start of Ferrara’s film states that it is inspired by a court case, but it has been widely seen as a fictionalized account of the downfall of a man who was once a strong contender to become president of France.

Initial reactions to the film were mixed, but many critics and viewers lauded Depardieu’s performance. U.S. actor Mickey Rourke said it was Ferrara’s best film.