Jan 31, 2015

Japanese workers average 16 hours of unpaid overtime a month

About 40 percent of Japanese workers put in unpaid overtime and their uncompensated overtime adds up to 16 hours a month on average, a labor union survey shows. The survey by the Japanese Trade Union Confederation (Rengo) also found that around 40 percent of ...

Jan 11, 2015

Cameron's Conservatives vow tough new U.K. strike laws

British Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservative Party says it will introduce tough strike laws for some public service workers if it wins the general election in May, prompting anger from unions that called the proposals an affront to democracy. Under the Conservatives’ plans announced ...

Millions may rally for higher pay in Indonesia

Dec 4, 2014

Millions may rally for higher pay in Indonesia

Indonesia’s capital girded for a potential turnout of millions of protesters asking for a bigger increase in minimum wages in the world’s fourth-most-populous nation, a test of President Joko Widodo’s pro-business image. The two-day national protest, starting Dec. 10, will involve four trade union ...