May 28, 2015

Government pledges to help foreign students find jobs in Japan

The government has unveiled a package of measures to help foreign residents find jobs in Japan after studying in the country. The Cabinet Office will hold seminars to provide universities with information about corporate internships and employment support programs for students from overseas, it ...

Apr 14, 2015

Settling disputes over unfair firings

If the government introduces a new system that allows the use of financial compensation to settle legal disputes over unfair dismissals, it should ensure that workers are not placed at a disadvantage.

Tohoku industries regrouping but some coastal areas are missing out

Mar 5, 2015

Tohoku industries regrouping but some coastal areas are missing out

Manufacturers from outside Tohoku are launching plants in the region, underpinning the reconstruction work following the damage left by the devastating 2011 earthquake and tsunami. “This year, reconstruction will become more evident in (tsunami-hit) coastal areas,” said Kazuhiro Morimoto, head of the Ministry of ...

Dec 17, 2014

Government to beef up jobs program for ex-convicts

The Abe administration will boost a program that encourages companies to hire former convicts, raising the number of such firms to 1,500 from the current level of around 500 by the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The target, aimed at rehabilitating criminals and reducing the number ...

Nov 23, 2014

Government plans subsidies to create 60,000 jobs in rural areas

The government is considering a new subsidy program aimed at creating 60,000 jobs in rural areas, according to sources. Under the initiative, the government would provide subsidies to companies hiring people who moved from urban agglomerations to rural districts. The government would shoulder half ...

Nov 12, 2014

Farm chief Koya Nishikawa plots out rural job creation

The Abe administration is considering reforming legal structures in order to create jobs in rural areas, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Koya Nishikawa said in a recent interview. “Creating job opportunities is essential to keeping regional economies vital,” Nishikawa stressed, adding that the administration ...

A dark force targets youth at their jobs

| Oct 18, 2014

A dark force targets youth at their jobs

by Philip Brasor

In the ongoing discussion about workplace abuse, the media has advanced yet another new term. “Black baito” modifies the already popular phrase “black kigyō,” which are companies that manipulate or ignore labor standards in order to get employees to work overtime without pay. “Baito” ...

Aug 7, 2014

65% of university grads in full-time jobs, ministry says

Nearly 66 percent of all university students who graduated in spring had found full-time jobs as of May 1, the education ministry said in a report released Thursday. In addition, truancy climbed at elementary and junior high schools while elementary and junior high schools ...