Minxin Pei

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/ Mar 31, 2015

'Singapore model' all too often misunderstood

The true secret of Lee Kuan Yew's political genius was not his skillful use of repressive practices, such as launching lawsuits against the media or his political opponents. Lee's revolutionary tack was to use democratic institutions and the rule of law to curb the ...

/ Feb 13, 2015

China's war on Western values

The Chinese leadership's fight against liberalism and "Western values" — such as its intensified Internet censorship and the jailing of human rights lawyers — is directly undermining its efforts to root out official corruption, promote innovation and deepen engagement with the outside world.

Down with Dengism, an obstacle to progress

/ Sep 8, 2014

Down with Dengism, an obstacle to progress

While former leader Deng Xiaoping — whose birth 110 years ago was recently celebrated in China — deserves appreciation for having brought China back from the abyss of Maoism, his approach, "Dengism," is now impeding the country's economic prospects.