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What is The Japan Times / The International New York Times?

The Japan Times /International New York Times is a two-section newspaper that allows you to enjoy our Japan-focused content alongside the global perspective of the International New York Times. This is exciting new chapter for our newspaper, and we hope you will agree.

Will the contents of The Japan Times change due to this alliance?

There won’t be any dramatic changes but our domestic news coverage will be enhanced.


Will each of these papers change as a result of the alliance?

JT/INYT is presented in two sections, preserving the strengths of each newspaper, so there is no change to the journalistic direction. Each paper bears editorial responsibility for its own section.

I subscribe to the print newspaper. Do I get free access to The Japan Times website and

Yes, a print subscription to The Japan Times entitles you to full access to The Japan Times website, as well as and the content on New York Times’ apps. This is free of charge to print subscribers. However, to enjoy these benefits, you will need to register for a free online membership. Here’s how :

I subscribe to The Japan Times on Sunday. Do I get free digital access?

No. You will need to subscribe to one of our digital plans. See our  plan introduction page for more details.

See our digital subscription plan introduction page for more details.

Can I ask my news agent to enable my digital subscription?

We apologize for the inconvenience, but you will need to register separately. Here’s how:

Why have I not received my registration email yet?

In some cases, our mail might have been routed to your spam folder.

It is also possible that our automated mail is being blocked by your Internet provider.

In the case when a customer cannot create an account because of blocked mail,  our customer service division can create an account ID on your behalf.

If your confirmation mail has not arrived after 10 minutes of applying, and it’s not in your spam folder, please use this form to notify us.

Is there a special rate for academic students or corporations?

We are not currently offering special rates for students or corporations, but there are special rates for subscribers who pay up front.

The 6-month subscription rate is ¥28,500 (tax included) and the 12-month subscription rate is ¥53,760 (tax included).

There is no refund for canceling partway through a subscription.

Can I read all the articles in the newspaper on the Japan Times website?

The majority of stories published in the paper will also appear online. The stock listings, however, are print only. Due to wire service contracts, certain stories will be displayed online for a limited time.

Are there subscription plans available for receiving just one or two papers a week?

All subscriptions are for daily papers only, and are available for one-, six-, or 12-month periods only.

I am a subscriber who has is paying The Japan Times in advance. If I temporarily suspend my home delivery, can I still access the JT website or during this time?

Yes, you may still continue to access JT website or with your ID.

When I go on vacation, can I put my digital subscription on hold?

Unlike a print subscription, you cannot temporarily suspend a digital subscription.

I’m a print subscriber who lives in an area where The Japan Times is delivered a day later. Is there a way that I can see the local TV listings earlier?

Yes, print subscribers can access a downloadable PDF version of the TV listings page from 10 p.m. the evening before the newspaper is published. This service is available to print subscribers who are JT members and subscribers to our Digital plan. Please log into you account page to access the TV listing download page.

My question was not answered here. How can I get more information?

Please use this form to contact Customer Service. Your inquiry should be as detailed as possible.