Arrest deja vu for mugging suspect

A South Korean man arrested Thursday after being shot in connection with a mugging on a Tokyo station platform had been deported in 1992 after committing a similar offense at the Ginza subway station, police said Friday.

Son Chang Mo, 40, was shot three times by a policeman Thursday while being pursued by the officer and local residents after Son and his cohorts robbed an 80-year-old woman of her wallet containing about 50,000 yen on an exit stairway at Denenchofu Station in Tokyo’s Ota Ward. His wounds are not life-threatening.

A station worker and a passenger were hurt during the robbery, one suffering a knife wound and the other being doused with pepper spray.

Son was arrested on the spot on March 22, 1991, for stealing a wallet from a woman’s bag at the Ginza station along with four compatriots. The five were armed with knives and pepper spray, just like in Thursday’s mugging, and all but Son managed to escape, also like the Denenchofu heist, police said.

Son was deported in June 1992. After Thursday’s arrest, he told investigators that he smuggled himself back into Japan aboard a ship.