101.18 million tourists visited Osaka last year

OSAKA — The number of tourists visiting the city of Osaka hit a record 101.18 million in fiscal 2001, up 3.4 percent from the previous year.

The number exceeded the 100 million mark for the first time since Osaka first began collecting data in 1993, according to municipal officials.

The increase is probably due to the opening of Universal Studios Japan theme park on March 31, 2001.

Of the total, about 30 percent visited the Hollywood theme park. The figure does not cover the number of visitors to the theme park following a series of summer scandals.

About half the people visiting Osaka from outside the Kansai region went to the theme park, the city said.

The number of people using hotels in the city increased 33.5 percent from the previous year to 10.29 million, the officials said.