Startups sought for Hercules bourse

The Osaka Securities Exchange held a meeting in Tokyo on Thursday in an effort to persuade startup firms to list their stocks on the Hercules exchange, which will displace the Nasdaq Japan market in December.

“We would like this to be a market where venture businesses can realize their dreams,” OSE President Goro Tatsumi told a gathering of some 270 entrepreneurs from unlisted firms.

The Nasdaq Japan market, set up on the OSE premises in June 2000, will be renamed the Hercules exchange in December, following the termination of an alliance between the OSE and Nasdaq Japan Inc., the joint operator of the Nasdaq Japan market.

At the meeting, OSE officials emphasized the strong points of the Hercules exchange, such as the potential for quicker listing approvals, adding that the bourse is continuing to run smoothly in the wake of the termination of the alliance between the OSE and Nasdaq Japan.