23% of Yokohama opts out of national registry system


More than 802,000 residents of Yokohama have requested that their personal information not be listed on a national resident registry network, city officials announced after the official deadline Friday.

Preliminary counts showed that 802,708 people — roughly 23 percent of those in the city eligible to be listed on the network — voted to keep their personal data off the system. The municipal government began accepting such requests Sept. 2.

The final figure is expected to be slightly higher as the city is also accepting requests by mail, and letters postmarked up to Friday are valid.

“A lot of people do not trust the registry network,” Mayor Hiroshi Nakada said, “and I would like the national government to take a sincere attitude toward this situation.”

The city will probably notify the Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications Ministry of the final figure sometime this week.

After that, municipal authorities will spend up to three months dividing the two groups of residents before sending the remaining data to Kanagawa Prefecture.

Meanwhile, the ministry stands by its position that partial participation in the nationwide system is legally invalid, and the prefecture is expected to reject the edited data from Yokohama.