Bullies took 50 million yen from boy


Police arrested three 15-year-old boys Wednesday for allegedly assaulting a male classmate and extorting 9 million yen in cash from him, sources said.

Authorities believe the three received about 50 million yen from their victim, who is thought to have used money from a life insurance policy that kicked in after his father died in a 1997 accident to meet their demands, sources said.

Investigators are investigating the possible involvement of about 10 other boys and girls, sources said.

The three allegedly beat and kicked the boy, a resident of Nagoya, on three occasions in January and February, saying things such as “give us 3 million yen.” They broke ribs that needed 20 days to heal before taking about 9 million yen from him in a park in the city, sources said.

The trio allegedly extorted cash from the victim on about 80 occasions since June, taking 30 million yen of his father’s life insurance benefits and money from the family’s bank account, sources said.

There were times when the boys allegedly took taxis to the victim’s home to extort money, sources said.

The victim’s 41-year-old mother reportedly told investigators that she raised the extortion money by borrowing from her own father and through other means, sources said. The mother finally reported the extortion to police in March.

The three arrested youths graduated from municipal junior high schools in Nagoya, with two of them having attended the same school as the victim, sources said.