Automakers announce record U.S. sales


Buoyed by a booming U.S. economy, Toyota Motor Corp. and three other Japanese automakers Monday reported strong sales of new cars in the United States, with three of them marking all-time highs for the month of March.

Toyota’s sales in March jumped 16 percent over the year-before level to 140,393 vehicles, while Honda Motor Co. reported a 20.3 percent increase to 104,855 vehicles.

Nissan Motor Co. sold 69,578 cars in the U.S. market in March, up 23.4 percent from the previous year, and Mitsubishi Motors Corp. 25,574, up 25.4 percent.

For Toyota, Honda and Mitsubishi, the March sales volume was the highest for that month. In the case of Honda, it also marked the second-highest monthly sales volume. The previous all-time high was recorded last August.

Among U.S. automakers, General Motors posted a mere 1 percent rise in domestic car sales in March, to 463,967 vehicles, while Ford Motor Co. reported a 10.5 percent rise, to 441,701 vehicles, the highest monthly sales volume on record.