Truth hurts: censorship in the media

Aug 8, 2015

Truth hurts: censorship in the media


“Truth, it has been said, is the first casualty of war.” — Philip Snowden, July 1916 In September 1945, less than a month after Japan’s surrender ending World War II and ushering in the U.S.-led Occupation, Gen. Douglas MacArthur, supreme commander for the Allied ...

Dec 1, 2014

Yomiuri's 'sex slave' apology raises media eyebrows overseas

Overseas media reported over the weekend about an unusual apology made Friday by Japan’s largest newspaper for its longtime use of the term “sex slaves” and for using “other inappropriate expressions” to refer to the “comfort women,” mostly Asian women who were forced to ...

Aug 28, 2013

Tepco to sell Ginza building to Yomiuri Shimbun group

Tokyo Electric Power Co. said Wednesday it will sell its Ginza building in Tokyo to the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper group for about ¥23.56 billion. With the sale, Tepco is expected to achieve its real estate sales target of ¥247.2 billion to help secure financial ...