Natural strategies to cope with winter

| Feb 7, 2015

Natural strategies to cope with winter


Jan. 19 is officially the coldest day of winter. Called daikan (major cold), the day coincided with some truly bitter weather in northern Japan this year. The mercury plummeted to minus 27.3 in Furano, central Hokkaido, and minus 31.3 in Esashi in the southwest, ...

/ Oct 2, 2014

Cyanide fog marks winter's onset on Saturn moon Titan

A cyanide cloud formed over Titan’s south pole as the strange moon of Saturn entered its seven-year winter in 2009, astronomers reported on Wednesday.An enigma of the solar system, Titan is studded with lakes of liquid hydrocarbons and a choking nitrogen-methane atmosphere, according to ...

Nov 1, 2013

Hokkaido asked to use 6% less electricity this winter

The government said Friday it wants households and companies in Hokkaido to cut electricity usage by more than 6 percent from the fiscal 2010 level to ride out another winter without nuclear power.It is the first time since the 2011 Fukushima nuclear crisis started ...