Apr 30, 2015

Germany spied on French and EU officials for U.S.: report

German intelligence services spied on top French officials and the European Commission on behalf of the American spy agency NSA, according to an article to appear Thursday in Sueddeutsche Zeitung. Germany’s BND foreign intelligence agency helped the National Security Agency (NSA) carry out “political ...

White House seeks privacy balance in a 'Big Data' world

May 2, 2014

White House seeks privacy balance in a 'Big Data' world

The White House on Thursday suggested updates to laws and other measures to enhance privacy and prevent discrimination based on the data trail left by consumers on their phones and computers that companies and researchers collect and analyze. Both privacy advocates and tech groups ...

Oct 3, 2013

U.S. media shield law kindles soul-searching

A media shield law that is being debated in the U.S. Congress, a bid to protect reporters with confidential sources, has divided journalists and free-speech advocates. Earlier this year, after a political firestorm over the government’s seizure of reporters’ phone logs, the White House ...