Hong Kong refugees who aided Snowden facing deportation

/ May 15, 2017

Hong Kong refugees who aided Snowden facing deportation

A group of refugees who sheltered fugitive whistleblower Edward Snowden in Hong Kong are facing deportation after the city’s authorities rejected their bid for protection, their lawyer said Monday.The impoverished Philippine and Sri Lankan refugees helped the former National Security Agency contractor evade authorities ...

May 3, 2017

NSA collected Americans' phone records despite change in law

The National Security Agency collected more than 151 million records of Americans’ phone calls last year, even after Congress limited its ability to collect bulk phone records, according to an annual report issued on Tuesday by the top U.S. intelligence officer.The report from the ...

/ Feb 5, 2017

Google, unlike Microsoft, must turn over foreign emails: U.S. judge

A U.S. judge has ordered Google to comply with search warrants seeking customer emails stored outside the United States, diverging from a federal appeals court that reached the opposite conclusion in a similar case involving Microsoft Corp.U.S. Magistrate Judge Thomas Rueter in Philadelphia ruled ...

Assange agrees to extradition if U.S. releases whistleblower

Jan 13, 2017

Assange agrees to extradition if U.S. releases whistleblower

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will agree to be extradited to the United States if President Barack Obama grants clemency to the former U.S. soldier Chelsea Manning, jailed for leaking documents, the company said on Thursday.“If Obama grants Manning clemency Assange will agree to U.S. ...

Dec 17, 2016

U.S. to disclose estimate of number of Americans under surveillance

The U.S. intelligence community will soon disclose an estimate of the number of Americans whose electronic communications have been caught in the crosshairs of online surveillance programs intended for foreigners, U.S. lawmakers said in a letter seen by Reuters on Friday.The estimate, requested by ...

Dec 1, 2016

FBI to gain expanded hacking powers as Senate effort to block fails

A last-ditch effort in the Senate to block or delay rule changes that would expand the U.S. government’s hacking powers failed Wednesday, despite concerns that the changes would jeopardize the privacy rights of innocent Americans and risk possible abuse by the incoming administration of ...

Senior U.S. officials recommend removal of NSA director: sources

/ Nov 20, 2016

Senior U.S. officials recommend removal of NSA director: sources

The heads of the Pentagon and the U.S. intelligence community have recommended to President Barack Obama that the director of the National Security Agency, Adm. Michael Rogers, be removed from his position, sources familiar with the matter said on Saturday.The recommendation by Defense Secretary ...

Julian Assange: WikiLeaks' fugitive antihero

Oct 4, 2016

Julian Assange: WikiLeaks' fugitive antihero

As WikiLeaks celebrates its 10th anniversary, its founder Julian Assange remains holed up in Ecuador’s embassy in London, where he has lived for more than four years to avoid arrest.To his supporters, the case of the pale, lanky Australian ex-hacker stuck in a cramped ...