U.K. orders fresh probe into Litvinenko death

Jul 23, 2014

U.K. orders fresh probe into Litvinenko death

Britain on Tuesday announced an inquiry into the death of Alexander Litvinenko, the Russian former spy who accused the Kremlin from his London deathbed of poisoning him with radioactive tea. The move comes as London pushes for greater sanctions against Moscow over the downing ...

Jul 21, 2014

Sky News issues apology after presenter roots though MH17 bags

British broadcaster Sky News apologized after one of its presenters searched through luggage at the crash site of downed flight MH17 live on air on Sunday. In a news broadcast, presenter Colin Brazier was shown rooting through personal belongings in an opened suitcase at ...

Jul 16, 2014

U.K.'s Cameron promotes women

British Prime Minister David Cameron on Tuesday pushed through his biggest government shake-up since coming to power in 2010, promoting women and Euroskeptics to senior roles in an appeal to voters in next May’s national election. After last minute adjustments, women will now make ...

Jul 14, 2014

China indicts U.S.-British couple in GlaxoSmithKline data-selling case

Chinese authorities have indicted British and American investigators hired by GlaxoSmithKline on charges of illegally obtaining and selling private information, state media reported Monday, as the Briton blamed the pharmaceutical company for misleading and using him. Prosecutors in Shanghai filed charges of illegally obtaining ...

Jul 11, 2014

Is there a right to secede?

by Peter Singer

If a majority of the voters in a distinct region of a country favor independence, does that mean that they have a right to secede? Paradoxically the EU has made it more feasible for states like Scotland and Catalonia to consider independence.

Defector's trove of KGB files released

Jul 7, 2014

Defector's trove of KGB files released

The papers spent years hidden in a milk churn beneath a Russian dacha and read like an encyclopedia of Cold War espionage. Original documents from one of the biggest intelligence leaks in history — a who’s who of Soviet spying — were released Monday ...

Is EU ready to actually change?

| Jul 5, 2014

Is EU ready to actually change?

After six decades of relentless — if incremental — integration, might the European Union be about to go into reverse? The “ever-closer union” enshrined in EU treaties since 1957 no longer looks so assured after a voter backlash in May’s European Parliament elections and ...