Push for casinos runs into headwinds

| Sep 6, 2014

Push for casinos runs into headwinds

by Philip Brasor

Until a few months ago, it seemed a sure thing that casinos would be open in Tokyo by the time the Olympics rolled around in 2020. For years now, a group of lawmakers have been working to legalize gambling resorts in Japan, and Tokyo ...

Aug 12, 2014

Mori Building sells debt to fund projects in run-up to Olympics

Mori Building Co. sold its longest bond ever as Japan’s biggest closely held developer plans ¥1 trillion ($9.8 billion) in projects in the decade that will include the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The company, whose Roppongi Hills complex houses Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Apple ...

Moves afoot to restore Nihonbashi Bridge district

Jul 20, 2014

Moves afoot to restore Nihonbashi Bridge district

by Yuzo Suwa

Citizens’ movements are underway to restore scenery around Tokyo’s Nihonbashi Bridge that was lost when an expressway was built over it 50 years ago in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics. The beautiful Renaissance-style stone bridge with statues of lion and “kirin” mystical creatures came ...

Jul 18, 2014

Japan to set up entity to examine casino plan for 2020 Olympics

Japan plans to set up a new body to examine the idea of setting up integrated casino-based resort facilities in time for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, the top government spokesman said Friday. Officials from various government agencies will come together to work on ...

Jul 4, 2014

Masuzoe pushes for new Tokyo guest palace before Olympics

Tokyo Gov. Yoichi Masuzoe said on Friday that he would like to build a Japanese-style guest palace in Tokyo before the 2020 Olympic Games. “I want to build a Tokyo guest palace soon,” Masuzoe said following a visit to the Kyoto State Guest House, ...

May 28, 2014

Tokyo to boost foreign-language signs, info ahead of 2020 Olympics

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is stepping up a joint project with the central government to add foreign languages to guide boards and other information sources for the 2020 Summer Games. Some 10.36 million people came to Japan from abroad in 2013, topping the government’s ...

Group taps 'vibrant' youth for '20 Games

May 7, 2014

Group taps 'vibrant' youth for '20 Games

by Masaaki Kameda

A college student in Tokyo has a lofty Olympic goal: to recruit half the 80,000 volunteers that the organizing committee for the 2020 Games and Paralympics hopes to enlist. In March, Kentaro Fujita, then a sophomore at Tokyo’s Senshu University, and four others established ...