May 9, 2015

San Francisco bans smokeless tobacco

San Francisco has become the first city in the nation to outlaw chewing tobacco from its playing fields, including AT&T Park, home to the San Francisco Giants. Players and the manager of the team expressed support for the ordinance signed into law by Mayor ...

Feb 17, 2015

Japan Tobacco acquires rights to U.S. firm Ploom Brand

Japan Tobacco Inc. said Tuesday its international division, Japan Tobacco International, has acquired patents and trademarks related to the tobacco vaporization device business from U.S. company Ploom Inc. The value of the deal was not disclosed. Ploom will buy back the 27 percent equity ...

Smoke signals: Can Tokyo ever go smoke-free?

Jan 24, 2015

Smoke signals: Can Tokyo ever go smoke-free?

by Masami Ito

Japan has long held a reputation of being something of a paradise for smokers. Tobacco is, at least by Western standards, relatively cheap and people can still light up in many of the country’s restaurants and bars. In fact, before the turn of the ...

E-cigarettes could prime brain for harder drugs

Dec 6, 2014

E-cigarettes could prime brain for harder drugs

by Gene Emeryt

Like conventional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes may function as a “gateway drug” that can prime the brain to be more receptive to harder drugs, U.S. researchers recently announced. The findings add to the debate about the risks and benefits of electronic cigarettes, the increasingly popular ...

Oct 30, 2013

JT to cut 1,600 jobs, close four plants

Japan Tobacco Inc. is cutting 1,600 jobs and closing four domestic factories as part of its plan to boost competitiveness at home and profitability. The job cuts will be made through a voluntary retirement program that will be offered to eligible employees in the ...

Can low-nicotine smokes end addiction?

Jul 31, 2013

Can low-nicotine smokes end addiction?

by Brady Dennis

Beverly Anusionwu, a smoker for three decades who favors Maverick menthols, was enticed to the small lab inside the University of Pittsburgh’s psychology department by an ad promising free cigarettes and a few bucks for her time. She spent a couple of hours on ...

Jul 24, 2013

U.S. regulator cites menthol cigarette risks

The Food and Drug Administration said for the first time Tuesday that menthol-flavored cigarettes appear to pose a greater risk to public health than standard smokes, largely reaffirming the findings of an agency advisory committee two years ago and potentially laying the groundwork for ...