Aug 11, 2014

Amazon stops some Disney movie pre-orders, WSJ reports

Pre-orders of some Disney movies have been halted by, the Wall Street Journal reported Sunday, in what appears to be another contract dispute after the online giant began a protracted spat with publisher Hachette Book Group this year. Physical copies of titles such ...

King's powerful sequel to 'The Shining'

Oct 5, 2013

King's powerful sequel to 'The Shining'


‘Did I approach the book with trepidation?” asks Stephen King in the author’s note to “Doctor Sleep.” “You better believe it.” DOCTOR SLEEP, by Stephen King. Scribner, 2013, 544 pp., $30 (hardcover) Me, too. It’s a brave man who writes a sequel to “The ...

'Northampton Clown' terrorizes English town

Sep 25, 2013

'Northampton Clown' terrorizes English town

A mysterious clown dressed like the malevolent character from the Stephen King novel “It” has been terrifying residents with random appearances in the English town of Northampton. The true identity of the “Northampton Clown,” who wears a white mask with red hair like the ...

Nov 27, 2011

Beware the foreign academics

Regarding the Nov. 22 Zeit Gist article by Nicolas Gattig, “MacArthur, identity theory and Japan’s lingering eigo woes“: I’m sure that Gattig-sensei receives many murmurs of approval as well as hidden yawns when he makes presentations at Japanese ESL conferences. This same glib message ...